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Content Production Intern

As a Content Production Intern, you will work closely with our video production team and producers in various departments of video and media production, as well as social media content creation.

If you are passionate about content creation and marketing and eager to gain hands-on experience, we encourage you to apply for this internship. We offer a dynamic and supportive work environment where you can learn and grow alongside our team.


What we are looking for:

  • As strong work ethic and attention to detail.

  • The right person will be familiar with audio and video editing software (Adobe Creative Suite tools, Final Cut Pro, etc.) as well as have an editing eye for social media content.

  • Ability to edit and post short-form and long-form videos.

  • Working knowledge of video editing software (Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc.)

  • Working knowledge of creating content for social media platforms, particularly YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

  • Excellent written and oral communication.

  • Strong creative eye and sensibility for design and editorial that works on each platform.

  • Experience in working cross-functionally and collaborating.

  • Experience creating content, working with marketing, design, and talent.


What you will do:

  • Edit short-form and long-form content video content.

  • Assist in content strategy, ideation, and execution of video and media projects.

  • Assist in creating content and marketing materials.

  • Hands-on production experience in video production & live video production projects.

If you are interesed in applying, please fill submit your resume below.  Include any relevant links to social media, YouTube pages, websites, etc.  

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